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Lend a Hand to Humanity

Live and Let Live...

Please kindly get involved to enrich these precious lives and be richly blessed in doing so


AfriCanDream International is an active Canadian registered Non-profit founded by an African-Canadian and federally incorporated in October 2009; and continued under the new Canada Non-profit Act of 2014. Our Organization is passionately committed to the advancement of Human Dignity, Peace and Prosperity in Africa; by leveraging surplus Canadian resources made available through the kind generosity and goodwill of Canadians (individuals, households, corporations, foundations, churches and agencies).  

Our mission focus is on the impoverished/disadvantaged regions and peoples of Africa; to foster human dignity by alleviating the prevalent hardships and abject poverty, significantly improve daily living conditions and enable a better life & future for African children, youth and families.

At African Dream International, every little donation counts and goes a long way towards furthering our humanitarian objectives. For donation inquiries please call or email.

With your support, African Dream International is helping to realize a harmonious world for all of humanity, by dedicating our donor and volunteer resources to the highly disadvantaged peoples of Africa. This is indeed a noble cause worthy of support and offers a deep sense of fulfillment as its reward.                                                  

For information or general inquiries on our Non-profit operations, donations and volunteering opportunities, please call

or email us.

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